Community pushes for 4-way stop on busy Richmond road

Updated: Oct. 7, 2019 at 11:28 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - People living on Grove Avenue in Richmond’s Fan District called are concerned about speeding cars and limited visibility.

“When we feel unsafe, that’s a problem,” Joe Cafarella said. “I’ve seen people screeching on brakes."

Cafarella has been pushing to turn the intersection of Grove Avenue and Stafford Avenue into a four-way stop for years. This is something near and dear to him. He owns a daycare just feet from the intersection.

Community members started a petition in 2015. Two years later, in 2017, there was a major accident that sent a woman to the hospital.

“We have seen so many accidents throughout the years and so many close calls that we are calling on our elected officials to make this a priority,” Cafarella said.

Cafarella and others stepped up their request with the city to make changes.

Residents want a four-way stop at the intersection of Grove Avenue and Stafford Avenue.
Residents want a four-way stop at the intersection of Grove Avenue and Stafford Avenue.(Source: NBC12)

A spokesperson for the Department of Public Works said a traffic study conducted at the intersection years ago did not meet the requirements to add a four-way stop.

“Every single week you hear screeching brakes," Cafarella said. “Something is happening.”

There has been some change, though. The city installed signs preventing cars from parking near the intersection in hopes of helping visibility.

“Do we need to look at the data that can be skewed or do we need to listen to the people on the ground and looking at this on a day-to-day instance?” Cafarella said.

This area is also a very popular for pedestrians.

"We have had families trying to walk through the intersection and literally have to jump back because a car is going so fast down Grove Avenue,” Cafarella said.

Cafarella and others who call this area home want to make it safe not just for them but everyone on the roads.

Councilwoman Gray said she will push for another traffic study for the area.

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