Fall foliage ‘leaf-ing’ much to be desired

Fall foliage ‘leaf-ing’ much to be desired

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Meteorologist Andrew Freiden says this year the leaves in Central Virginia will most likely not be putting on their best show.

“Because of what has happened at a very important time of the year, late August, September, early October," Freiden said of recent dry conditions.

Last year we saw beautiful reds and oranges, which probably won’t happen this year.

“The trees are under stress; they were in a great mood last year. It rained and it rained and everything was totally fine. But this year all of the sudden middle of August, all through September, early October, it got really hot. It got really dry," said Andrew.

Peak for fall foliage is typically the last week of October, or first week of November here in Central Virginia, so there’s more time for rain to fall, but it might not be enough.

“If all of a sudden a week from now it starts raining and there’s a period of long-soaking rains, then I guess the trees could kind of sort of recover at the last minute, but I think that’s going to be tough to do," said Freiden.

Freiden made sure to stress that this doesn’t mean the foliage is going to be ugly - the trees will just be dropping leaves earlier and their coloring will be more brown.

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