50 RPS students celebrate full-ride scholarships to VUU

50 RPS students celebrate full-ride scholarships to VUU
Fifty 9th grade Richmond Public Schools students celebrated full-ride scholarships to Virginia Union University on Saturday. (Source: Richmond Public Schools)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Fifty 9th grade Richmond Public Schools students celebrated full-ride scholarships to Virginia Union University on Saturday.

The scholarships are a part of a new partnership between RPS and VUU. The campaign, “VUU is RVA,” was made to help solidify greater access to academic, economic, medical, and civic in the Richmond area.

“We could not be more thrilled to partner with VUU to provide this life-changing opportunity for our students,” said RPS Superintendent Jason Kamras. “To be able tell our students and their families that, as 9th graders, their college tuition is already taken care of has been incredible. I want to thank Dr. Lucas for his leadership and support. We look forward to collaborating even more with VUU in the coming years.”

Along with the scholarships, each of the students will have a VUU mentor, access to VUU labs and classrooms, along with advisement from professors.

“This is one great example of how Dreams4RPS is coming alive for our students,” said School Board Chairwoman Dawn Page. “When we are able to build deep partnerships with families and community we can create amazing opportunities, such as the VUU scholarship, for our students.”

The scholarship recipients are:

  • A’riyona Dunson, John Marshall High
  • Andy Bonilla, Code RVA Regional High School
  • Anna Portillo, George Wythe High
  • Antoineque Hill, John Marshall High
  • April Leveron, Huguenot High
  • Aria Johnson, Richmond Community High
  • Ashley Duron, Huguenot High
  • Asia Dudley, Huguenot High
  • Cameron Allen, Richmond Virtual Academy
  • Cayla Green, John Marshall High
  • Chyna Blakey, John Marshall High
  • Conald Whitaker, III, Franklin Military Academy
  • Dana Charles, Richmond Community High
  • Darius Pagson, Thomas Jefferson High
  • Darius Williams, Thomas Jefferson High
  • Davon Singleton, Thomas Jefferson High
  • Demarc Oliver, Huguenot High
  • Deondra Banks, Franklin Military Academy
  • Destiny Larry, George Wythe High
  • Ebony Jordan, Thomas Jefferson High
  • Elizabeth Short, Armstrong High
  • Iceon Hogan, Richmond Community High
  • Imani Adewale, Armstrong High
  • Inayah Thompson-Reid, Franklin Military Academy
  • Ingrid Reyes Rodas, Huguenot High
  • Jasmine Simmons, Code RVA Regional High School
  • Jazz Miles, Richmond Community High
  • Jordan Braxton, Huguenot High
  • Justin Pair, Huguenot High School
  • Kaden Smith, Franklin Military Academy
  • Kamirra Jackson, Open High
  • Kristopher Cheatham, George Wythe High
  • Madisyn Willis, Open High
  • Maria Nicholls, Franklin Military Academy
  • Mayan Yancey, Richmond Community High
  • Mekhi Reavis, Huguenot High
  • Peyton Plummer, Appomattox Governor School
  • Quinton Wallace, Open High
  • Rakeem Jones, John Marshall High
  • Riquan Smith, John Marshall High
  • Ronasia Minns, Thomas Jefferson High
  • Sariah Blackwell, Maggie Walker Governor School
  • Shayla Saravia, Huguenot High
  • Sonda Tanner, Thomas Jefferson High
  • Stephany Payne, Huguenot High
  • Tuchili Pierce, Armstrong High
  • Tylik Moss, George Wythe High
  • Valeska Belloza Guevara, George Wythe High
  • Xavion Hill, John Marshall High
  • Ziare White, Attended Lucille Brown

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