Police asking for public’s help in Chesterfield man’s shooting death

Police release photo of Bryson Mitchell

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Bryson Mitchell was shot and killed Sept. 26, and Chesterfield police are looking for leads to help solve his death.

Police released Mitchell’s photo after he was found shot in his car after crashed it into a house.

Lt. Brad Conner said photos of victims usually garner more attention in cases, and he’s hoping that members of the public who may not recognize the name “Bryson Mitchell” may recgonize his face.

“This is a case that we’re actually seeking information on. And trying to get that picture out there, maybe someone knew his name, or that type of thing," Conner said. “So when they see the picture out in the media, and then they put two and two together, they might be able to piece things a little bit better so that they can give us the information that we need."

Conner says because of the time that the incident took place, it doesn’t lend itself to eyewitnesses.

“People in the public, they see things, they hear things, they know things, and that’s what’s able to help us keep the community safe.”

Conner said if you have any information related to the case, or if you do happen to recognize the victim to call Chesterfield Police or Crime Solvers at (804) 748-0660.

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