First Alert Weather Day: Mid-week record heat

HOT Wednesday, but excessive temps on the way out

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - 2 records broke, 2 days in a row!

Summer’s last gasp ends Thursday! Wednesday was a First Alert Weather Day and we hit 98°. Thursday is another First Alert Weather Day with a recorded high of 96°.

Wednesday’s record stood at 91° set back in 1986 and was easily broken. Thursday’s record of 94° set back in 1919 has also been broken.

Record breaking heat is expected again on Thursday.
Record breaking heat is expected again on Thursday. (Source: WWBT)

When you are in a drought like we are now, the computer models tend to UNDERDO the temperature readings due to the soil being so dry.

When the soil is wet, some of the sun’s energy can be “used up” by water-laden vegetation and to evaporate the moisture.

But when the ground is rock-hard and dry, all of the sun’s energy is put to use heating up the soil and air. That’s why our NBC12 forecast is higher than the National Weather Service models below.

The good news? A cooldown is coming. We will be in the upper 70′s Friday and upper 60′s Saturday!

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