Police search for victims following Chesterfield bribery incident

Police search for victims following Chesterfield bribery incident

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Chesterfield police are seeking additional victims in a bribery incident.

Police arrested Joshua Clayton Brady, 33, for bribing an 18-year-old woman to file a false sexual assault report against a 17-year-old boy who is known to Brady.

Brady bought items for the woman and promised her additional money when the report was filed and after she testified in court, police say.

According to police, Brady also uses the name Joshua Weston and had “provided false information to the juvenile females, claiming he was a British citizen, that he was a college student, and that he was very wealthy.”

In court, the commonwealth’s attorney said that its believed the motive for the false report stemmed from a love triangle involving the 17 year old male, and an ex-girlfriend of Brady’s.

An investigation into the incident has led police to believe Brady may have additional victims, which could potentially lead to other charges on top of the bribery charge.

“Based on the fact that he has had communication with young people and misrepresented himself, I think there’s a variety of potential crimes that he may have committed, and that’s why we ask people to come forward," Sgt. Mike Agnew of Chesterfield County Police said.

Police add that any charges against the 18-year-old woman are currently under consultation of the commonwealth’s attorney.

Brady is out on $10,000 bond under the stipulation that he remain under home electronic monitoring, and no contact with minors nor any of the teens involved in the case.

He is due back in court in December, and the incident remains under investigation.

Anyone with information, or who believes they may have been a victim of Brady, is asked to contact the Chesterfield County Police Department at 804-748-1251.

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