Teacher cuts hair of middle school student as punishment, NH mom says

SOMERSWORTH, N.H. (WMUR/CNN) - A mom is calling for her daughter’s middle school teacher to be removed.

Jillian Miglionico said not only did the teacher threaten the girl, but he followed through on his threat, taking a pair of scissors to her hair and cutting it.

“I don’t want this man around my child," she said. “Is this real? Like is this really happening?”

Miglionico is horrified by the incident.

“He grabbed her hair and cut off like a good 3-inch chunk," she said.

She is shocked by how the school handled the situation.

“He missed, I think, three days of school while the internal investigation happened, and now he’s back in school, and they put her right back in his classroom, so it’s basically like a total disregard for her," Miglionico said.

A week ago, the principal of Somersworth Middle School called her after a teacher’s aide came forward.

“My daughter wasn’t even the one to report the incident because she was like scared and embarrassed," Miglionico said.

She said the teacher grabbed a pair of scissors and cut her daughter’s hair as punishment. The teacher told her daughter to stop playing with her hair, and when she didn’t, he made a threat.

“She didn’t and he threatened her and said, ‘Well, if you don’t stop playing with your hair, I’m going to cut your hair off,' and she was like, ‘No, you can’t do that,’ and he said, ‘Oh yeah? Watch me,'" Miglionico said.

Then, he followed through on that threat.

“She had to defend herself and put up her math binder to protect her face. Anything could have happened," Miglionico said.

She wants the school to do more than a 3-day suspension: She wants to see the teacher removed.

“If you’re going to act like that with a middle school student, I don’t think that you should be able to be around and teach middle school students," Miglionico said.

According to WMUR, the school superintendent said his office is investigating the incident, but citing the child’s age, he couldn’t provide any other details about the case.

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