’It’s taken them months to pay us’: Richmond school bus drivers complain over late, partial paychecks

School bus drivers sound off over late pay

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Multiple Richmond school bus drivers say they’re not getting paychecks on time. The employees say getting paid in full has also been a major struggle over the last year.

Five school bus drivers say they’ve been paid haphazardly for nearly a year, receiving partial checks or overtime that isn’t being paid in full. They asked to keep their identities anonymous since they are still RPS employees.

"It's taken them months to pay us,” said one driver. "Hundreds of dollars in checks."

The bus drivers say some paychecks don’t have the full amount owed or are sent late. They also say there are frequent mistakes with their tax deductions.

“It’s just hard to work so hard and when pay comes, you don’t get your money or you’re confused on why is my check so short and when are they going to pay me,” said another driver.

The employees say the administration has changed the pay schedule multiple times since last November, adding to the confusion. They also say the new pay schedule unfairly reassigns overtime hours as regular hours, so they don't get the rightful time-and-a-half.

One driver says she was paid less than $300 for two months of work, totaling well over 200 hours. She says she and her 4-year-old daughter got evicted from their apartment because she couldn’t make rent.

“It took them two months to pay me… By the time they paid me, my rental office didn’t accept my payment because I was already two months behind from not getting paid from the school,” she said. “I got evicted.”

An RPS school administrator says the drivers received regular payments on time, but overtime pay was late because of a payroll processing error, which was ultimately paid. The superintendent is also planning to speak to the employees on Wednesday.

The school bus drivers say the issues are not isolated to one pay period. They plan to speak out at a school board meeting early next month.

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