‘Like Fast and Furious’: Woman swerves onto sidewalk to avoid fleeing robbery suspect

Updated: Sep. 19, 2019 at 6:33 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Thursday’s wild police chase went through busy downtown Richmond streets and many witnesses saw the suspects weaving in and out of traffic.

“It was more like ‘Fast and Furious’ the movie,” Teri Butler said.

The suspect in a Wells Fargo bank robbery took police on a wild, dangerous chase through the streets of the river city.

“I mean, my heart is still racing!” Butler said.

Butler was driving on East Main Street and had just turned left onto 14th when she came face-to-face with the suspect.

“When a dark SUV came right at me and for a brief second I thought 'wow did I turn into oncoming traffic?” Butler said.

No, she was in the correct lane. The suspect was racing through the city trying to escape police.

“I gathered my wits and realized the car is in my lane and swerved to the right on the sidewalk to avoid being hit head-on,” Butler said.

Butler said the man was driving erratically with no care for others.

“I was on the sidewalk literally shaking going what’s going on? Five seconds later, I saw at least 30 cop cars in pursuit with their lights on. They were weaving in and out of traffic,” Butler said.

Meanwhile, the Wells Fargo remained closed after the robbery.

One person was too scared to be identified, but was inside at the time of the robbery.

They describe the incident as “really scary” and say “the suspect gave the teller a note.”

As police continue their investigation, many say they’ve never seen anything like this.

“I thought I’m going down Main Street, it’s faster and came up Main and took a left and almost met my maker,” Butler said.

Police say no bystanders or officers were injured or hurt in the robbery and chase.

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