Education expo to help parents with private schools, college savings and more

NBC12′s Sarah Bloom will be a panel moderator

Science Museum hosting education expo

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Whether you’re navigating the world of FASFA for your rising college student, looking for a tutor to help your student, or maybe you’re just interested in a different education option, navigating the education world can be daunting.

Knowing where to go to get each question answered is half the battle. The other half is finding the time to do it.

To help ease the burden, Richmond Family Magazine will host an education expo at the Science Museum on Sunday, bringing together education and education aid experts from across the region.

“We thought that this would be a really great way to bring everyone together under one roof," said Margaret Thompson with Richmond Family Magazine. "... Parents can just kind of do just a little one-stop shopping for private schools, tutors, educational consultants, financial aid resources (and) there will just be a ton of education related information.”

The expo has several goals, all centered around education. One popular group might be Virginia 529.

“I feel like a lot of people have questions," said Thompson. "How does Virginia college savings plan work? What exactly is Virignia 529?”

Many private schools will be represented, as will the financial aid groups that support some kids who go to private school.

“Private schools aren’t just for rich kids or rich families," said Thompson. "It was kind of a misconception I had. ‘Private school is just for rich kids.’ And as it turns out, I think every private school has financial aid available. And some of them have very generous packages.”

Maybe you’re happy with where your kids go to school, and you’re good on college savings, but you’re thinking about what supplements you might like to use for your child’s education.

“We’re going to have a speaker stage where we’ll have everything from Mathnasium talking about early number fluency to brain balance talking about why kids’ brains get a little stuck," Thompson said. "The learning center will talk about some study tips.”

Romp 'n' Roll will be there to help watch your kids. Plus there’s free admission to the science museum, if you go.

Sunday’s event, which includes NBC12′s Sarah Bloom as a panelist, is at the Dewey Gottwald Center, so be sure to park in the Leigh Street area to enter.

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