'You are so missed’: Tornado victim remembered 1 year later

'You are so missed’: Tornado victim remembered 1 year later

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - It was on September 17, 2018 when remnants from Hurricane Florence spawned nine tornadoes in Central Virginia.

An EF2 tornado touched down in Chesterfield and killed Ronnie Bishop. On the anniversary of his death, his wife Gina visited his grave.

“I wanted to clean it off. I left him a birthday balloon,” Gina Bishop said.

Bishop’s always visiting and leaving gifts for her husband. It’s a different gift for this visit.

“I don’t know if I can get through it,” Bishop said.

September 17 marks one year since her husband, Ronnie Bishop, was killed when an EF2 tornado ripped through Chesterfield. Bishop was inside his job of 15 years at the Old Dominion Floor Company when the building collapsed.

“Ronnie you are so missed by so many people you have no clue, but I miss you and I love you,” Bishop said.

She placed a wreath on his final resting place while the couple’s favorite song, Cross My Heart by George Strait, played in the background.

“I told him I crossed my heart that I would never forget him and I would never stop loving him,” Bishop said.

Gina. even shared the story of how Ronnie pushed a coworker out of the way, ultimately sacrificing himself.

“That was his name and it was spelled the same too,” Bishop said.

The man’s name was Stephen. The same name as Ronnie’s son who died years earlier and is buried beside him.

“They were standing in the warehouse and then the roof popped up and they all started running,” Bishop said.

Ronnie’s co-workers built a memorial bench from the back bumper of his work truck.

“Absolutely beautiful. That was so thoughtful. I can’t imagine how they made that without crying all the time,” Bishop said.

A total of 9 tornadoes touched down right here in Central Virginia.

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