Chesterfield residents say they’re sick of drivers speeding through neighborhood

Neighbors complain of speeding drivers

CHESTERFIELD CO., Va. (WWBT) - Several families in a Chesterfield neighborhood say they are sick of drivers speeding through their streets.

Neighbors say they aren't surprised at all after an early morning accident on Shiloh Road in Chesterfield.

“I heard a big loud boom but I don’t know what happened outside. There’s an ambulance and a lot of cops,” Rebeca Arias said.

Arias says a driver went through the intersection of Shiloh Drive and Thornington Drive and t-boned a car.

The force was so hard it sent a red car into her yard and it damaged her fence.

“This road is a 25 speed limit but you will almost never see anyone doing 25. It’s more like a 45,” Arias said.

Those living in the area say speeding has become a big problem in this usually quiet neighborhood.

“People fly up and down the road. People are scared to ride their bikes up and down Shiloh,” Christopher McCoy said.

Christopher and Alissa McCoy say they’ve seen many close calls. Their son was injured by a speeding driver.

“He was stopped at the stop sign. It kept going. He went to turn and the vehicle almost hit him and he ended up on the side of the road,” Alissa McCoy said.

A representative for the Chesterfield Police Department said they have increased patrols in the areas in hopes of helping the problem.

“I have always been scared because of my fence being here on the road. They may run into my fence and my kids will be outside,” Arias said.

“I don’t want a child or anyone to get killed on a road in a neighborhood,” Alissa McCoy said.

Those with kids want you to drive as if your family lives here.

“Even if you don’t have kids, think of your grand kids or future kids. You would want them to be safe in a neighborhood,” Alissa McCoy said.

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