Virginia author publishes book about WWII refugee

Virginia author publishes book about WWII refugee
The book captures Cartis' grandmothers strength and perseverance as a WWII refugee. (Source: WHSV)

BROADWAY, Va. (WHSV) — Jennifer Cartis, a mom of three and recent author, wrote the book, “A Story Worth Telling”, in only six weeks.

Jennifer said she spent hours with her grandmother writing notes and listening to her incredible story. Little did her grandmother know, she was publishing a book about her. Cartis’ grandmother was forced to flee with her children after her husband’s capture in 1940.

"During her journey, when she was hiding with her three children, she heard this baby crying and it was actually a Chinese baby," said Cartis.

Her grandmother voluntarily breast fed the baby milk. The Chinese family was so grateful that they formed a way for her to escape.

"The Chinese actually built this Underground Railroad and from town to town, word of mouth, they actually got her and her three children to safety to a boat in South Korea where they took the last boat to Japan," said Cartis.

Cartis said she wanted to find a way to connect the stories of her family from generation to generation.

"That one decision to help this person that was on the opposing side of the war and she chose kindness instead of hate and because of that one decision, I am here today," said Cartis.

She hopes to share this message of hope with her children as she reads them the remarkable stories of their great great grandmother.

"The depth of this layered story has touched the souls of all who hear it. Her choices triggered a chain of events that changed the course of history for my family. It's a story worth telling. And it's all true," said Cartis.

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