Richmond’s Most Haunted Buildings

Updated: Sep. 16, 2019 at 4:41 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - We teamed up with our friends at Haunts of Richmond to come up with the top 11 most haunted places in Richmond!

You have probably visited or at least seen most of Richmond's Most Haunted buildings!

Richmond is one of the oldest American cities and many of the buildings in our city are still standing from when they were originally built. With these historic buildings come stories and sometimes a spirit or two lurking the grounds they stand on. We were curious as to just how many buildings have reports of hauntings.

Have any ghost stories from these places? Let us know!

Originally named The Mosque Theater, the Altria Theater was built in the 1920’s.


Most spirits are actors, stage crew and guests.

The Byrd Theatre was built in 1928.


Former manager of the Byrd Theatre, Mr. Coulter seen all over the theatre, but his favorite spot seems to be the balcony.

A little girl seen playing in the women’s bathroom.

This battlefield saw thousands of deaths in the Summer of 1864 during the Civil War.


One of the most haunted battlefields in the entire United States.

The Poe Shrine opened to the public in 1922.


Two blonde children who show up in photos from visitors

A dark shadowy figure believed to be Edgar Allen Poe seen mostly near Poe’s walking stick and his wife’s hand mirror. He’s also see in halls and gardens.

One of the oldest buildings in Richmond, the Masonic Lounge was built in 1787.


Multiple spirits are reported at this once courthouse, ballroom and hospital.

This building at 1719 E Franklin St. was built in 1817.


Daniel Denoon was shot by the owner of the shop, James McNaught. An unusual cold spot and the sound of something falling near the bathrooms. Before renovations, this spot is where the stairs were located where Denoon fell down after being shot.

The four-story Greek revival house at 2300 E. Broad St. was built in 1850.


A child’s ghost upstairs believed to be one of TLD Wallford’s children who witnessed Richmond on fire at the end of the Civil War.

Unexplained ghostly fire in the fireplace in the downstairs pub.

Originally a tobacco company built in 1853, then a Civil War hospital, the building became a box factory in 1909.


Multiple spirits are reported from its time as the 2nd Alabama Hospital during the Civil War.

The building served as the city’s waterworks from 1883 until 1924.


Daniel Tetweiler who hung himself in the house.

A female spirit who will usually appear in the form of a glowing orb of light.

The Randolph family built this home between 1730 and 1740.


Ghost of a bride who is seen walking up the garden path.

Original contrustion on the Virginia State Capitol was completed in 1788.


Most of the activity was reported either in the sub-basement levels, or on the sixth floor. A number of strange occurrences happening in the house including paintings moving, lights refusing to turn off and ice cold air blasts in the basement.

**This list is in alphabetical not most haunted order**

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