Wipe the data from old phones before you switch

Wipe the data from old phones before you switch

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Information is key in the digital age and if you aren’t careful, you could hand over the keys to your profile to someone looking to make a quick buck or steal your identity.

The temptation is high to sell old devices when buying new, but did you really take care of all that data stored on your device?

An international study from Blancco Technology Group and Ontrack found that half of the electronics they examined still had residual data. In the study they were able to recover: passport photos, copies of birth certificates, financial records and resumes.

Even if you reformat your phone, it may not be safe enough to permanently remove your data. You may want to look into investing in data erasure software, which will confirm the data was erased with a verified certificate.

And for piece of mind, double check that the data was actually erased by using easily accessible data recovery software. If you are selling, wipe the device yourself, instead of relying on the buyer to do it for you.

Also, sell to co-workers, friends or family and other people you trust. Don’t sell to strangers when it comes to high dollar high tech items.

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