Virginia man’s Halloween inventions expand, hit major store shelves

Virginia man’s Halloween inventions expand, hit major store shelves

Orange, Va. (WWBT) - Halloween decorations are all over store shelves, but before you carve your pumpkins, you may want to check out a Virginia man’s “spooktacular” inventions.

“Once you go to assemble the pegs, just place them across the lower lobe …. perfect!” said Greg Myracle three years ago as he showed off his invention that was fresh to Dollar General shelves.

Myracle has a thing for Halloween, which is also his birthday. The holiday has always held special memories.

And since he has become a father, he has a few frustrating and exhausting memories, too.

“Pumpkin carving at our house was always crazy,” said Myracle. “It typically ended up on a school night. And it involved the traditional kits where we had to put the little paper pattern on the pumpkin and poke the little holes and inevitably, they would be ripped or fall off.”

And then inevitably, the kids get tired of carving and mom or dad ends up doing all the work.

“In our house, we’re pretty pumpkin carving challenged,” said Myracle.

Finally, Myracle had enough and started trying to figure out a better idea.

“I ended up putting together a skewer - a wooden kabob skewer and a piece of clay and that’s when I sort of sketched out/made the prototype.”

In fact, the idea was so good, a company decided to make it.

The Pumpkin Pegs Carving Kit began started selling on Dollar General Shelves a few years ago.

Now, you can find Myracle’s products at Target, Walgreens, CVS, Food Lion and more.

“We just cut the pumpkin in half. They still get to take the guts out and do the fun stuff and then they simply place the pegs in the lower lobe, put the top lobe on the top, light the candle and you’re finished," he said.

Some buyers have gotten a little bit more creative with pumpkins, and even food. But bottom line, Greg says the kits just bring the fun back to carving pumpkins. They’re quick and easy, but still have the lure of that candle light.

And he didn’t waste any time expanding on the product line, creating floating heads and pumpkin stands to name a few.

He says seeing his idea on store shelves is pretty gratifying too.

“To just walk in a store and see your product, that’s a great reward.”

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