Richmond residents annoyed after replacement trash cans on back order

‘Hug your children; lock your super cans.’ Richmond residents annoyed after replacement trash cans on back order for 5 months

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - It’s been five months since the City of Richmond has had any replacement trash cans, and annoyed neighbors are complaining that their super cans are getting stolen.

“It’s silliness for a trash can,” said Church Hill resident Karen Gerber.

Gerber says she’s been waiting three months for a replacement super can and has been using her neighbor’s cans in the meantime, after multiple calls to the city.

“Then I started hearing complaints from my neighbors,” she said.

A thread on the Nextdoor app shows a bunch of irritated neighbors commenting, with some saying their cans have been stolen.

“Hug your children; lock your super cans,” said one post.

“Three super cans stolen and two recycling super cans stolen,” wrote another resident.

"Five months is a long time. Where are we supposed to put our trash?" continued Gerber.

Richmond Public Works officials say the back order of super cans is due at the end of October. A representative said that waiting on replacement cans is not unusual since the department places large orders when they get low in stock, and it can take a while for delivery.

In the meantime, public works officials say residents can leave garbage bags on the curb or find their own substitute can.

“Everyone here is trying to make this city better, and trash bags on the curb doesn’t make this city better,” said Gerber. “What about mice and rats? It’s going to attract rodents.”

Gerber says she took it upon herself to reduce her solid waste payment to the city by $5 until she gets a new can.

“I called the city and told them to put on my record that I will reduce my bill by $5 since I don’t have a trash can. When I get a trash can, I will continue to pay the normal bill,” she said.

Anyone who needs a replacement super can should call Richmond’s Customer Care line at 311 to request a new one.

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