Nearly 2,000 crews helping Dominion Energy restore power

Out-of-state power crews gather to help Dominion with outages

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The Richmond area was spared of damage from Hurricane Dorian, but the eastern part of the state was not so lucky.

Since efforts began, 82 percent of power has been restored. As of 5 a.m. on Saturday, around 25,500 North Carolina and 4,500 Southeastern Virginia customers are still without power.

Dominion Energy has called on crews from up and down the East Coast to help restore power to the affected areas.

“Wherever the hardest hit area is, that’s where we’re going to send them,” Dominion’s manager of transmission and distribution Mike Powers said.

“We experienced catastrophic damage to our infrastructure in coastal areas of Virginia and North Carolina. We are assessing the damage on land and by air to determine how to get power back on in the safest, fastest way. We will share restoration times as soon as we have enough information to provide an accurate estimate,” a spokesperson for Dominion Energy said in a release on Saturday morning.

1,900 crews who traveled across the country to help restore power were expected by Dominion Energy at the Richmond Raceway on Friday.

“We help out each other, so if you need someone to help them, we’d go help them," Powers said. “But what you see going on here is all the help we’ve got from up and down the East Coast.”

Once the hardest hit areas are safe from storm conditions, the crews will head out. The most most common issues they face are downed lines, broken poles and damage from trees or tree limbs that have fallen.

“If we’re lucky, we’ll just have fuses or that sort of thing, where they can go out there and troubleshoot," Powers said. “Those are the quickest ones to get back on. The things that take the most time are when we have broken poles, particularly if we don’t have good truck access."

Each of the non-Dominion Energy crews will be assigned a Dominion guide to help coordinate, hoping to get the lights on as quickly as possible.

There are 7,000 Dominion crews from northern and western Virginia that have already made their way to Hampton Roads and Chesapeake to help with restoration efforts.

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