Tips on how to prepare as Hurricane Dorian approaches

Tips on how to prepare as Hurricane Dorian approaches
Hurricane Dorian as seen from space.

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - First responders have some tips on how to keep safe as Hurricane Dorian makes its way up the coast.

“Your home is your castle. You want to hunker down in that place,” Henrico Battalion Chief Doug Reynolds said.

As Dorian approaches, those on the front lines want you to be ready.

“Fill up your tub with water, so that way if you lose water supply and you lose electricity, you can scoop water out and you can still flush the toilet. Makes things a lot nicer at your house,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds says you should be prepared for any scenario, like keeping a tarp inside just in case a tree comes crashing down.

“At least you can use that as what we call a salvage coverage. Spread it over your bed or furniture. You can make a chute where it can catch the water,” Reynolds said.

Keep enough food and water that can last you for three days and extra fuel in the car.

“Turn the stove off or cut the eyes off. When the power comes back on that - pan is going to start cooking again,” Reynolds advised.

Be careful when you’re cleaning up debris outside. Using a chainsaw can be very dangerous.

“If you aren’t familiar with using a chainsaw, this is a very dangerous piece of equipment. It’s high powered and can kick back. It can hurt you very quickly,” Reynolds said.

Also, be careful with ladders.

“One person is footing the ladder holding the bottom. The other person climbs and will keep it from kicking out or sliding on the gutter,” Reynolds said.

Also be aware of where you set up a gas powered back up generator. Make sure the exhaust isn’t inside your home, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Be so mindful of not bringing that in the house, in the garage or under the house or types of places,” Reynolds said.

As the storm’s path remains uncertain, Reynolds wants to make sure you’re ready for whatever.

“I want you to do what we are doing. We are planning for it and we want you to do the same thing,” Reynolds said.

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