7,000 power crews in place ahead of storm

7,000 power crews in place ahead of storm

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Dominion Energy has crews on standby around the clock; they’re ready and waiting for whatever Hurricane Dorian brings our way.

“Usually when we go somewhere, there’s a lot of damage - off power lines to lots of trees falling down,” Tyler Breon, a lineman apprentice for Dominion Energy said.

Breon said Hurricane Dorian has the potential to be the third time he’s had to help with restoration efforts.

“Customers usually ask how long is it going to be until we get our lights back on? They’ll ask all kinds of questions," Breon said.

While some outages are minor, he says it can be tough to work in an area where people's lives have been turned upside down.

“Just seeing that they have lost and what they’ve worked for, it’s pretty upsetting," Breon said.

There are 7,000 Dominion and contractor crews fanning out across Virginia and North Carolina. Breon said they try their best to get the lights on as soon as possible, but Dominion says there is a “hierarchy” of sorts as to who gets their power on first.

Crews start with power stations that reach the most customers, then go to buildings like hospitals and police stations, and then they target neighborhoods.

"Crews from northern and western Virginia will move their way to eastern Virginia today, but crews form central Virginia will stay put to see what Dorian has in store.

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