News to know for Sept. 5: Hurricane Dorian approaches Virginia; Death toll climbs to 20 in Bahamas; Dorian back to Category 3

News to know for Sept. 5

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Hurricane Dorian continues to make its way up the coast today.

Dorian approaches Virginia

Thursday and Friday are First Alert Weather Days as Hurricane Dorian brings impacts to Virginia.

Strong rain and heavy rain starts Thursday afternoon into the evening, especially in eastern and southeastern Virginia.

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First Alert Weather Days as Dorian approaches; Big wind Friday

Dorian back to a Category 3

Hurricane Dorian made its way back to a Category 3 storm on Wednesday night.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Dorian could maintain its intensity before gradually weakening through Saturday.

The storm is expected to cause 70,000 outages in the Carolinas, according to Duke Energy.

Richmond-area organizations prepare for Dorian

Dominion Energy and the American Red Cross have been managing relief efforts ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

Dominion Energy has been tracking the storm for about two weeks, and is working with other agencies in its Emergency Preparedness Center on a relief effort.

The American Red Cross urges residents to stay informed on Dorian’s path and to make sure a plan is in place.

Dominion Energy prepares for impact in Virginia

Hurricane Dorian preparation tips

First responders have many tips to keep your family prepared as Hurricane Dorian passes by.

“Fill up your tub with water, so that way if you lose water supply and you lose electricity, you can scoop water out and you can still flush the toilet. Makes things a lot nicer at your house,” Henrico Battalion Chief Doug Reynolds said.

Reynolds also encourages keeping a tarp inside in case a tree comes down, and keeping enough food and water in your home.

Hurricane Dorian as seen from space. (Source: NASA/CNN)
Hurricane Dorian as seen from space. (Source: NASA/CNN)

Death toll climbs in Bahamas

The death toll in the Bahamas has climbed to 20.

The Bahamian government has dispatched hundreds of first responders into the island to reach victims.

The U.S. Coast Guard, Britain’s Royal Navy and relief organizations such as the United Nations and the Red Cross have all joined rescue efforts in the Bahamas.

Amtrak schedule changes

The new schedule will be in effect from Thursday to Saturday in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

For a full list of the affected routes, visit the Amtrak website.

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