Virginia Emergency Operations Center prepares for potential Hurricane Dorian impacts

Virginia Emergency Operations Center prepares for potential Hurricane Dorian impacts

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - State leaders are preparing for Hurricane Dorian to potentially impact Virginia later this week.

The Emergency Operations Center was activated Monday when Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency.

The center is housed at the State Police Headquarters in Central Virginia.

“We will be ready. We have been preparing for Dorian since last week,” spokesman for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management Jeff Caldwell said.

Crews are working hard inside the state Emergency Operation Center working to prepare for the unpredictable, slow-moving hurricane.

Leaders are placing special focus on the southeastern part of the state.

“If that cone touches the commonwealth we know there are going to be some impacts,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell says the center gives cites and counties their own 911 to call for help.

“We can provide fire trucks, plow trucks or high water vehicles. Whatever they may need a local government can call here and we can get those supplies to them while they deal with the on the ground response,” Caldwell said.

Northam declared a state of emergency Monday, which made it possible for the center to go into effect and call state agencies in and provide resources.

“We have each of these areas on the sides for issues being dealt with. In the middle, we have resources from regional teams and FEMA,” Caldwell said.

Just off the main floor, another facility overlooks all major events across the state.

“From that facility, we monitor any activities or emergency in the state. We deploy search and rescue and MedFlight for the state,” Caldwell said.

All the agencies train year-round for events like this.

Keep in mind, cities will also have their own emergency center, as well, but when they need that extra help the people inside the EOC will step up and assist.

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