Injured kitten that was thrown from vehicle loses leg

Kitten found injured on highway loses leg

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A kitten is recovering now, after apparently being thrown from a car in Colonial Heights.

Jean Marino, who is now caring for the kitten, says her son brought home the injured feline two weeks ago.

“Apparently someone had thrown her out of the window," Marino said. “She was injured, she was crying. He said a zillion cars kept going by and nobody stopped."

The kitten, now named Catherine is believe to be around 2 to 3 months old.

“It broke my heart. She’s just so tiny," Marino said. “How anyone could hurt such an innocent thing."

This is the second recent incident in which kittens were thrown out of cars and onto the freeway, with another incident last week in Louisa county.

Marino sought help from Smitty’s Cat Rescue, which helped arrange the treatment Catherine needed.

“Her left femur was severely injured. In the hip itself on the right side, it looks like that’s kind of been pushed in a little bit, and there’s a minor injury on the inside of that socket," Dr. Stacy Riddle at Colonial Heights Veterinary Hostpital said.

Marino said doctors originally went back and forth as to whether or not to put Catherine’s injured leg in a cast or have it amputated.

Ultimately, they went with amputation, which hit Marino hard as someone who has been around rescue animals almost her whole life.

“There needs to be more animal care and animal education and kindness," Marino said. “It’s a cycle, and I think that’s why we have so much animal abuse today."

But it’s not all sad. Riddle said that Catherine is healing quickly.

“She almost instantly was able to get up after the amputation," Riddle said. “Most dogs and cats that have an amputated leg, after a couple days are usually back up and walking.”

Riddle said Catherine will be fine long-term and Marino has taken the cat in as part of her family.

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