Powhatan County Public Schools to get $420k donation

Powhatan County public schools to get $420k donation

POWHATAN, Va. (WWBT) - Teachers and counselors in Powhatan County got a welcome surprise on Monday, as every single one of them learned they were getting $1,000 each to spend on their students and their classrooms.

“A lot of books, definitely a lot of consumable products as well: paper, cardstock, things like that," said Flat Rock Elementary 2nd grade teacher Mary Lisa Watts.

The extra funding came as a donation by longtime Powhatan residents Bob and Karla Curtis.

“We are doing a thousand-dollar grant to every classroom teacher and every counselor in the Powhatan school system," Karla Curtis announced to Flat Rock Elementary faculty on Monday morning, before the room erupted in cheers.

$45,000 would fund STEM, CTE and music programs in the county. Another $25,000 would go towards scholarships, and a whopping $350,000 would be put in the “Teacher Impact Fund".

“It is the classroom teachers who are the most important part of the system because you are the one who are delivering the services every day: teaching, nurturing, disciplining, mentoring," Curtis said in her announcement.

Teachers would be able to use that grant money, no-strings attached, for anything that supports their classroom or students.

“Didn’t think I heard what I heard," teacher Ebony Fleming said. She adds that the money will come in handy for all the extra equipment needed for her special-education students.

“Teachers often buy Christmas presents, shoes, coats for kids, and that’s always out of their own pockets. So it’s very exciting that they have this money now to be able to continue to do that but keep that money in their pockets," Superintendent Dr. Eric Jones said.

At the end of every school year, each school’s principal will have to write a report as to how this money has impacted their school.

The money itself won’t be available until Nov. 1.

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