Neighbors step in to help Petersburg woman get new roof

Roofer finishes job after neighbor calls 12

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Neighbors in Battlefield Park in Petersburg called 12 On Your Side with concerns about their elderly neighbor and her property.

Anna Sease-Bey and her protective neighbors say a contractor took her money five months ago and left supplies at her house three months later, but still haven’t made the repairs.

Sease-Bey says the problem would be resolved if the contractor would do one of two things.

“Just give me my money back so I can pay somebody else to do it," she said. “If you won’t do it, somebody else will. I just need my money back to pay them.”

A day after an NBC12 team got involved, crews began working on her home.

Sease-Bey is very particular about her yard.

“When it comes to her house, I see her out here with a brush, brushing it down,” her neighbor Bobby Archer said. “She even has a lawn guy who comes at least every month."

That’s why the pile of roofing supplies on her lawn has become the talk of the neighborhood.

“People come by and stare at the stuff. They ask when are they gonna do the work?” Archer explained.

Sease-Bey lives by herself and has noticed tiles falling off her roof.

“This house was built in 1998,” she explained. Sease-Bey says it’s past time for a new roof.

She called Greg Remer to fix things up, getting his information through word of mouth after seeing the work he did on her neighbors’ homes.

Sease-Bey’s first payment was $3,375.

She says the checks were cashed immediately, but she says no work was done. Then, she says the contractor asked for another payment.

“April 5th — I gave him $1,500,” she said.

Sease-Bey paid and Remer dropped off the supplies – but that was the last she heard from him until crews showed up on Thursday.

“I’m not a priority,” Sease-Bey said earlier this week. “I don’t believe he intends to do my house.”

Remer told NBC12 an employee with medical problems, a broken down car and other unexpected issues have prevented him from working on Sease-Bey’s home.

He also said he needed that second payment of $1,500 to pay a bill.

He says Sease-Bey could still owe him more money but he couldn’t specify the total cost of the job.

He confirmed he hasn’t spoken to her in over a month, although he did say he’d call Sease-Bey, and gave no immediate plan for when he would return to do the work.

Meanwhile, Sease-Bey is ready to have her house look like a home once again.

When Alex Whittler last spoke to Sease- Bey, she said me Greg Remer did not call her Wednesday, although he did drop off a ladder at her house Thursday before leaving once again.

Sease-Bey, however, said Thursday afternoon that work had started and was completed Saturday.

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