Deputies: Kittens die after being thrown out truck window; investigation underway

Deputies: Kittens die after being thrown out truck window; investigation underway
Deputies are investigating. (Source: Louisa County Sheriff's Office - Facebook)

LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) - Louisa County Sheriff’s deputies are looking for the driver who threw two kittens onto a highway, killing them both.

The sheriff’s office said it happened around 12:40 p.m. Wednesday, when a witness reported the incident.

“The caller stated that the truck was tossing kittens out of window," Louisa County Animal Control Chief Alyssa Ellison said.

Ellison responded to the scene to find one kitten dead – and another clinging to life.

“The one that I found on the road was probably hit by a car after it hit the ground, and then the other one just sustained a lot of lacerations to the head. He was having difficulty breathing, and potentially had a broken back leg," she said.

The second kitten died while in transport.

“Any time you have an animal pass away is hard," Ellison said. “Trying to rush it to the vet and having it pass away in your lap is even harder."

Ellison said cases like these are rare, and that the worst part is that the driver was only 4 miles away from the animal shelter.

“There was no need to toss them out of the window," Ellison said. "When you’re that close to the animal shelter, you could’ve easily stopped and surrendered them there. You could have called to have one of us help you with that. We’re always available to help people with their animal situations in the county.”

Investigators are asking for help finding the driver, who was described as a white male driving a small, grey-colored pickup truck, which looks to have been unpainted.

She is reaching out to the public to perhaps aid in the search.

“If they know of anybody that left their house with kittens in a primer-gray truck and came home without them, you can always call the sheriff’s office so that we can investigate it and hopefully we can catch them," she said.

The Louisa County Sheriff’s office wants anyone with information on that driver to give them a call at 540-967-1234.

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