Company repairs work on faulty gutters

Updated: Aug. 21, 2019 at 8:15 PM EDT
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MECHANICSVILLE, Va. (WWBT) - A homeowner in Mechanicsville said their gutters were fixed after being featured in an On Your Side segment.

One homeowner said Leaf Filter fixed the problem with his new gutters, but another homeowner featured in the story says he’s still having issues.

Leaf Filter director of installation services Mike Peck moved quickly to satisfy the homeowners, but one of those jobs is still a work in progress.

Some of the repair work by Leaf Filter at Darien Ruffin’s home in Chester was completed before the first segment aired, and after several communications with the company Ruffin said Leaf Filter did the work properly.

“They did come out and replaced all the downspouts, actually two downspouts," Ruffin said. "This corner and one down on the other corner. We are much happier with the end product.”

Ruffin had said the crew finished installing his gutter system in the dark and left behind holes on his home and brackets that were lined up to cover other holes.

Another problem was a flap intended to redirect rain water wasn’t working properly.

“Tested it myself. Just sprayed some water on the roof and not much water and it’s still streaming," Ruffin said. "It should be going inside the gutter and down the downspouts.”

Leaf Filter said the work was done according to industry standard. The homeowner said the gutters, butted together, is the source of his frustration.

“One should pour into the other," Ruffin said. “But at the different heights, they just butted them against one another so water just streams down in between. I’m pretty sure that can damage my fascia board.”

In a written statement, Leaf Filter apologized to the two families and said it wants customers to know that they are committed to providing the highest levels of service.

Tommie Jernigan in Mechanicsville says Leaf Filter fixed the problem that caused his shingles to stick up at no additional cost. They are laying flat now, and he’s happy.

Both were thankful for the report that helped lead to the repairs.

Leaf Filter said its next step is to reconfigure and replace Ruffin’s gutter. A date for the work is in the process of being scheduled. Leaf Filter is also returning some of the $6,000 he paid for the work.

Leaf Filter’s full response can be seen below:

Dear LeafFIlter Customers,

We sincerely thank all of those involved in these two circumstances, especially the two customers who so patiently and graciously allowed our customer support team an opportunity to reach our goal of satisfaction. We apologize to the Ruffin and Jernigan families for any and all inconveniences experienced throughout this process. Based on our interaction with these two customers, we believe all issues have been addressed.

We also want all our customers to know that we are committed to providing the highest levels of service to every LeafFilter customer and have been successful in doing so throughout our history even through these times of record high demand.

However, we do recognize these circumstances provide us an opportunity to even further improve our efforts to achieve industry-leading satisfaction and are certain that LeafFilter will emerge as an even more customer-focused service provider than ever before.

Thank you,

Mike Peck

LeafFilter North, LLC.

National Director of Installation Services

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