T-shirt fundraiser to benefit RPS teacher supplies

Updated: Aug. 22, 2019 at 5:14 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A T-shirt fundraiser is helping Richmond Public School teachers get the supplies they need for the classroom.

“This is a celebration of our teachers. They are extraordinary and do amazing things with our kids and so we want to show our love and appreciation for our teachers,” Richmond School Superintendent Jason Kamras said.

T-shirts with “RPS Teachers Rock” will help support the RPS Teacher Store, which is the district’s resource center for classroom supplies.

“It will help stock our teacher store, which helps to provide free supplies for our educators all throughout the year,” Kamras said.

All funds go right into the classroom helping teachers get ready for classes, which start on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

The city has a goal to sell 500 shirts.

“You have to set up the classroom so it can be welcoming to all of the kids. Get all of your instructional materials together. Then there’s all the planning you have to do,” Kamras said.

Kamras says he feels good going into the new year and hopes this one will be a positive one.

“I know we have a lot of challenges. We still have a lot of challenges, but I feel confident we are beginning to turn the tide and head into the right directions,” Kamras said.

Within the next year, RPS is set to open three new schools and launch new goals.

“That means new curriculum for math and reading will be adopted of the course of this year. It means raises for teachers and counselors, counselors and social workers,” Kamras said.

Financially, Kamras says the school system is in a good place.

“The mayor and the city fully funded our request. That’s $18 million of operating funds. A big chunk of that is a raise for our teachers and staff, which they definitely need,” Kamras said.

The school system was also approved for $19 million for facilities.

Kamras says long-term, he hopes state lawmakers will step up and help.

“I think the next big push is at the General Assembly. I think we need to get the state to step up. We are still at funding levels that are below pre-recession levels,” Kamras said.

The shirts are being sold through Bonfire for $14.95.

The campaign is listed to run for 17 more days and shipping for orders will start on Sept. 16, according to Bonfire’s website.

To purchase a T-shirt, click here.

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