Glen Allen dentist writes book to help ease children’s fears

Published: Aug. 20, 2019 at 6:12 PM EDT
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HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Getting anyone excited for the dentist can be a difficult task, but for a child, it can be their worst fear.

Dr. Shweta Ujaoney, of Glen Allen Dentistry, is looking to change that with her new children’s book called “A Caterpillar at the Dentist.”

“It’s really important that you take care of the oral health,” Ujaoney said.

Over the last 19 years Ujaoney said she seen her fair share of patients, but when it comes to her patients who are children, many have a fear of opening up.

“All kids are different. Some kids are outgoing and are ready for the experience and others are worried about what’s going to happen," Ujaoney said.

Even her own daughter is afraid of going to the dentist.

“She herself had that fear, even though I am a dentist and I talk about it all the time at home,” Ujaoney said.

With her daughter in mind, Ujaoney decided to create a book that would put children at ease.

Some of the things that can trigger the fear are the sound of dental drills and the fear of the unknown.

“This book is an effort for kids to get familiar with the dental appointments definitely fillings,” Ujaoney said. “Their world is illogical, imaginative and they look at the world through different lenses."

The book is designed to spark the imagination as a caterpillar guides the main character through the dentist appointment comparing dental equipment to things like a firefly.

“They would know what a dental power wash is, they would know what soap is, they would know what a light is,” Ujaoney said.

She hopes that after children read the book they will come in for a check up and their frown would be turned upside down.

“Maybe in a very small way I can make them feel that a dental appointment and a dentist is not that bad, and it’s not that scary,” Ujaoney said.

If you would like to purchase a book, click here.

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