Woman looks to reunite antique photos with family

Woman searching for owner of old photos found at Goodwill

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Most of the stuff you’ll find at thrift stores is old, and perhaps worth very little money.

But the memories are priceless, and that’s why one woman is trying to find the owner of some old photos she discovered in a photo album she bought at a Goodwill store in Powhatan.

Erin Prince is hoping to give them back to the subjects’ relatives.

“If your loved one passed away, this is what you have," Prince said.

Five photos were inside an old photo album that Prince bought at a Powhatan Goodwill - four black and white and one color photo of young children, women and a dog.

“I asked the lady at the Goodwill, ‘What do you do when somebody does this?'" Prince said. "She says, ‘I can take it to the back and get rid of them.' And I said, ‘Do you mean get rid of them?’ and she said, ‘Yeah.’”

And so Prince decided it was time to get them back in the hands of their loved ones.

Some of the pictures have hand-written notes on the back with names and other little details, such as where the photo was taken and the date. One picture is dated 1929.

Prince said Google searches didn’t yield too much, apart from obituaries, but she’s hoping someone may recognize an aunt, a grandmother, or perhaps a brother or father.

“I would love for them to have it back,” Prince said.

She adds that as a mother, she understands the importance of old photos and their ability to truly serve as a window to a time long past.

“I have a grandmother that’s 93 years old, and she loves pictures, and I love pictures," Prince said. “I take a lot of my son. I cherish my pictures. I would just want someone to do [the same] for me.”

Additionally, the front of the album had the message “To Mommon and Mann with love from Sarah” engraved on it.

If you happen to recognize the people in the photos, we encourage you to reach out on the NBC12 Facebook page.

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