When to buy back-to-school items

Spread out your back-to-school shopping

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Those summer clothes are on sale now, and you can get some great deals!

However, it pays to wait another month or two before you load up on new jeans, because jeans and fall clothing typically have deep discounts in October.

A survey by the financial website NerdWallet found that only 8% of parents who back-to-school shop spread that shopping out throughout the year.

The deepest discounts on back-to-school items are actually in the last week of August and early September.

“You’re going to see those items that have been sitting on the shelves actually have deeper discounts on them. So yes, the inventory might be more picked over but you’re going to get a better price on some of those items,” said NerdWallet Personal Finance Expert Kelsey Sheehy.

Black Friday in November has the best sales on laptops, tablets and electronics.

If you have a child headed to college next year, January is the best time to buy dorm bedding and towels while April and May is the best time for small dorm appliances.

Trying to time your purchases around when things are going to be on sale benefits you in two ways.

You’re not going to be spending as big of a chunk of money in the summer months, but you’re also going to get better prices.

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