Feeling cluttered? Get organized ahead of a new school year

Feeling cluttered? Get organized ahead of a new school year

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The combination of summer clutter and back to school supplies all seem to hit this time of year, and if it has you and your family overwhelmed, there are some things you can do to organize your life for the new school year.

The House Finch” organization expert Meghan Brodie helps parents get organized by looking to see what is and isn’t being used. She also looks at the storage location and creates zones for things that are used.

“I don’t have time, and the times that I’m home, I have both of my children with me," said Kristy Seredni. "Anyone who has ever tried to organize anything with a 4-year-old and a 1-and-a-half-year-old knows that is not possible … because they’re making a bigger mess as I go along than I thought was possible.”

Due to the Seredni’s busy lifestyle, Brodie helped her get organized.

“Ideally, hopefully, we’ll move her China and fancy glasses somewhere where they don’t need to be accessed as regularly,” said Brodie, in regards to Seredni’s kitchen.

Kid’s bowls, plates and snack dishes are needed more often.

“One tip I have for kid’s plates and bowls, is pick a style you like and buy only that kind. So that they do stack nicely, so that you’re not unstacking and not trying to make it fit,” said Brodie.

Brodie says to use shelving or stacking tools to give yourself more usable space.

“The goal is to leave open space because you’re going to have new things that come out. You’re going to have things that rotate out,” Brodie said.

When it comes to organizing a pantry, Brodie says to start by checking the dates on what’s in there. Use containers to stack and sort - they’re easier to pull out and work with. Consider putting bags near the snacks, so you’re working more efficiently in the space.

“Think about what you want kids to be able to access at their level and what you want to keep higher,” said Brodie.

Here are the before and after pictures of Seredni’s home.

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