Woman’s car stolen while left running at 7-Eleven

Woman’s car stolen while left running

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - A Henrico woman is left without her car or ID after it was taken while her husband left it running while going into a store.

Most people do it: you have to make a quick pit stop, so you leave your car running while you walk away. That’s what Tracy Brown’s husband did this past Sunday.

“I just feel so sick right now,” Brown said, recalling how she felt when she got work that her car was gone.

She says around 11:30 p.m., her husband stopped at the 7-Eleven on East Laburnum Avenue.

In surveillance video that the owner showed Brown, she says her husband walked by another man - who appeared to be tying his shoes - before he jumped in and drove off with not only her black Infinity, but so much more.

"ID, my keys to my house, my bank card, some of my daughter’s new shoes in the car. There was a lot in there,” Brown said.

The manager of the 7-Eleven confirms that Brown’s car is the third one stolen in at that location in the last few weeks.

Brown says her husband did have the keys in his pocket at the time, as the car is a push-to-start ignition. He is offering to help her get a new car, but she says she’s worked too hard to let someone else get away with it:

“He’s upset. He said he’ll go and put a car in his name. But I don’t want that car, I want my car,” she said.

Henrico police suggest drivers to keep their cars locked at all times, and not to leave valuable inside.

A lesson that the Brown's had to learn the hard way.

“He can have that money. I work hard, I can get that money. I just want that car,” Brown said.

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