‘It’s the gas’: Woman fills up, stalls out after filling up; investigation underway

‘It’s the gas’: Woman fills up, stalls out after filling up; investigation underway
Officials are investigating. (Source: NBC12)

MATOACA, Va. (WWBT) - State officials are investigating the possible contamination of gas at a Matoaca gas station.

Tammy Benefield was filling up her 2018 Mercedes to take it to be serviced in Richmond on Monday. It’s the same place she always goes, the Exxon on Pickett Avenue.

“I pump my gas and leave. I get up through Colonial Heights on Temple. Going around the exit I hear, ‘boom,’” Benefield said.

This all happened as cars sped by on Interstate 95.

“It’s stalling and jerking, stalling, jerking. I couldn’t get it to accelerate,” Benefield said.

She barely made it to the dealership, but when she got there the mechanics quickly spotted the problem.

“They told me it’s the gas,” Benefield said.

The repairs totaled $1,100 to fix the car.

“I called my insurance company and it covers but I don’t think my insurance company should have to pay that because your gas is what damaged my vehicle. I just want to be compensated for that, that’s all,” Benefield said.

Benefield says she went back to the gas station to tell them what happened, but she says those inside weren’t the nicest.

“I got gas from here yesterday and they are telling me the gas is bad. ‘well you are the only one complaining about the gas.’ I said. ‘OK, but you will hear from me later,’” Benefield said.

Benefield says she went back Tuesday and found crews working on the pumps.

“I asked, ‘is something wrong with the pumps?’ and he said, ‘you can get regular but you can’t get premium. We are working to fix it.’ I took pictures and I left but they are telling me nothing is wrong with the gas,” Benefield said.

The State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services confirmed investigators are looking into the issue. Further test results will be taken to determine an exact cause.

“There are other people that probably don’t know it was the gas. They could be getting something else checked out on their vehicle not knowing it was actually the gas,” Benefield said.

Benefield hopes the gas station will step-up and pay for her damages.

“I’m going to tell you the old me wouldn’t have taken it like that. I have calmed down in older anger,” Benefield said.

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