Back-to-school savings hacks for parents

Back-to-school savings hacks

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - We’re going to run through some of the best ways to save we’ve seen from a website called the KrazyCouponLady.

The Dollar Store is your friend when it comes to shopping for school supplies. Go there to pick up calculators, planners or clipboards. You may not find a graphing calculator, but you’ll save big on a basic one.

Look for coupons for brands you know you’ll need like BIC, Kleenex and Post-it. Sign up for text or email coupons to save on school clothes.

Buy markers and paint supplies from Michaels or Jo-Ann. Those stores always offer coupons and discounts every week, such as 25% off your purchase.

If you haven’t heard of Hollar, you’re missing out! The website sells school supplies online. Backpacks, for example, range in price from $5-$10 and feature Marvel, Star Wars and Disney characters. You can also look for name-brand backpacks at or eBags.

Utilize price matching at stores like Staples and Target. Don’t buy school supplies at Target without checking the Target app.

Use the Amazon app to do real-time price checks.

Buy discounted gift cards from Raise or Gift Card Granny to save up to 13%.

And if Walmart is your favorite store, it’s always a safe bet for discounted prices.

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