Taco Bell opens hotel in California

Taco Bell opens hotel in California
"The Bell," a hotel and resort owned by Taco Bell, opened in Palm Springs. (Source: KMIR/CNN)

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (KMIR/CNN) - Everybody knows Taco Bell is open late, but if those late hours still aren’t enough to satisfy your crunchy cravings, you can now surround yourself with the chain’s food 24 hours a day.

You have to go to California to do it. “The Bell” is the chain's new hotel in the city of Palm Springs.

“You’re on vacation, and we have curated the perfect vacation. The food, the music, the décor, the merch. We want our fans to come here and just have the ultimate Taco Bell experience,” said Jennifer Arnold with Taco Bell.

According to local media, rooms sold out in two minutes after reservations became available.

The hotel remains open through Aug. 12.

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