Two restaurants combine for 45 health violations

Two restaurants combine for 45 health violations

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Two restaurants combined had nearly 50 violations recently, but they both improved upon re-inspection.

Jing Sushi on Three Chopt Road in Henrico had 22 violations.

In one inspection, the restaurant had four priority, three priority foundation, and 15 core violations. An inspector found rice stored on the floor as well as some utensils with food debris older than a day.

NBC12 tried calling the restaurant twice asking to speak with a manager, but was told the manager was not there. On the first call, the person who answered said they didn’t know when the manager could be back in and on the second call, the person hung up.

The restaurant was re-inspected about a month later and was found to have seven core violations.

Kabab House, which is located on Old Parham Road in Henrico, had 23 violations

In one inspection, the restaurant had seven priority, one priority foundation, and 15 core violations. An inspector had issues with mold on top of sauce bottles in the fridge in the back kitchen as well as heavily scratched and stained cutting boards.

The restaurant owner says they’ve fixed everything.

The restaurant has been re-inspected twice since that inspection, dropping eventually to nine core violations.

This week’s Hall of Fame award goes to Moore Street Cafe, located on West Moore Street in Scott’s Addition.

“It’s a fun little upbeat kind of retro diner," said owner Charlie Hughes.

The building has been a restaurant for about 75 years, but has been called the Moore Street Café for about 20.

The restaurant’s past four inspections have been flawless.

“We have to get the good scores and stay open. To make these people happy,” said Hughes.

This is how the Virginia Department of Health describes its violations on its website:

  • Priority identifies a provision in the Regulations whose application contributes directly to the elimination, prevention, or reduction to an acceptable level, hazards associated with foodborne illness or injury and there is no other provision that more directly controls the hazard.
  • Priority foundation identifies a provision in the Regulation whose application supports, facilitates, or enables one or more Priority items.
  • Core identifies a provision that is not Priority or Priority foundation and that usually relates to general sanitation, operational controls, sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs), facilities, equipment, or general maintenance.

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