Tips for buying and protecting college students’ technology

Tips for buying and protecting college students’ technology

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - College students head to class loaded with technology, but that can also comes with a loaded price tag.

There’s also the issue of protecting your data and personal information when sending your children off to college.

“Put strong security software on any of the systems," said Derek Meister with the Best Buy Geek Squad. "Whether that’s an anti-virus system, anti-spyware, that’s going to again help protect you accessing but also any kind of information coming in.”

Meister also suggests using an external backup, and he says to consider putting all those essays and notes on the cloud just in case.

Before your children leave the house, help them out with a “first aid kit” for trouble shooting. Talk about what could go wrong, and how to start fixing the problem.

Meister says students tend to forget or lose power cords. He says by stocking up on some extra power cords and phone chargers now, you can save your student from an emergency later.

“You’re going to want to have extra power cords for that computer or that smartphone just so that they can charge everything and keep everything running for that class when they’re going to be outside or off and about,” said Meister.

In addition to installing all the spyware and protection systems, remember sometimes turning the device off and then on again is the easiest answer for issues.

Also, while the easiest way to operate may be with compatible systems - Apple to Apple, for example - Geek Squad experts say it’s actually pretty easy to mix systems now, so you really can go for the best price, most of the time.

Full interview with Meister:

Full interview Derek Meister with the Best Buy Geek Squad

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