Where do sharks like to go? Cape Cod and the Outer Banks

Where do sharks like to go? Cape Cod and the Outer Banks
A great white shark. (Source: Pixabay)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - There are two major hotspots for shark activity on the East Coast, and Virginia is right between them.

OCEARCH tweeted a map of great white shark ping data since 2012. The most active area is between Long Island and Cape Cod. It had 1,641 pings from tracked sharks during that timeframe.

The second most active area was off the Outer Banks area of the North Carolina coastline with 1,148 pings.

Additionally, there were 740 pings off the coast of Maryland, and nearly 1,500 in two locations spanning from southern North Carolina to Georgia.

“Not a big surprise to see the Cape Cod area, but check out North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia!" OCEARCH tweeted.

OCEARCH has a live shark tracker on its website of all the tagged sharks currently being monitored and regularly tweets updates from its official account and accounts dedicated to individual sharks.

While the data released is just for white sharks, OCEARCH monitors other sharks as well, including tiger, mako and bull sharks, which are also found along the East Coast.

OCEARCH also tracks several other forms of marine life.

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