‘Until I get a rental car, I’m immobile’: Disabled vet’s truck stolen from Henrico apartment

Amputee war veteran has truck stolen in Henrico

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) - A missing truck was the last thing Daniel Kilgore expected to find Thursday morning at his apartment off Breezy Bay Circle in Henrico.

“I woke up this morning to walk my dog and found that some knucklehead stole my car,” Kilgore said. “I’ve been on the phone with the police departments and tow companies, and it’s truly stolen.”

That vehicle was a silver 2015 Toyota Tundra with an aluminum body in near perfect condition which the veteran says he nearly finished paying off. Kilgore said he bought that vehicle two years ago to accommodate an injury he sustained overseas.

“In 2009, my teammates and I got blown up in Afghanistan,” Kilgore said. "The explosive device pushed my foot up to my tibia and fibula and after eight surgeries, they couldn’t save the foot and all that stuff, so they amputated it.

The truck was equipped with an automatic step-side that when activated allowed Kilgore to get in and out with greater ease, but now he’s forced to squeeze himself into his girlfriend Melody Gilley’s car, which is tough on his prosthetic.

“My car is very low to the ground, and it’s hard for him to get in and out of,” Gilley said.

Daniel Kilgore had his lower leg amputated after injuries sustained in Afghanistan.
Daniel Kilgore had his lower leg amputated after injuries sustained in Afghanistan. (Source: NBC12)

Kilgore said ever since coming back from war, security has been a high priority, so he always locks his vehicle at night. He’s still in possession of both the main and spare keys to his Tundra, which means somehow the person or persons who stole were able to move the vehicle without an alarm going off and without being seen.

“Jumper cables, cleaning products, a jump pack, my passport was in there,” said Kilgore.

Since Kilgore reported his vehicle missing, he’s been monitoring his E-Z Pass to see if those who stole his truck drove through any tolls, but so far whoever has it has avoided tolls roads.

“Whatever they did, they did it well,” Kilgore said.

The veteran wasn’t the only person targeted. According to Henrico police, at least two other vehicles were vandalized or had items taken from them Wednesday overnight in the same apartment complex. In both cases, the victims said their car doors were locked.

Daniel Kilgore had his lower leg amputated due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan.
Daniel Kilgore had his lower leg amputated due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan. (Source: Daniel Kilgore)

Another woman in that same complex says she discovered evidence of someone trying to make off with her Mercedes on Thursday morning.

“My garage had been broken into and they actually broke off the emblem to my car which can lead to a hood release,” Laura Holder said.

Gilley has posted on social media urging the community to keep an eye out, but so far they haven’t heard anything.

“Worst case scenario is that it’s in a warehouse somewhere and they’re chopping it up into a million pieces and selling it,” Kilgore said.

Kilgore says uses he uses that truck to get back and forth to the VA Hospital where he works with other wounded veterans, but he says until he gets that vehicle back, he’s not going anywhere.

“Until I get a rental car or whatever, I’m immobile,” Kilgore said.

If you have any information to the whereabouts of Kilgore’s car or have any information to the string of car-related thefts Henrico Police is investigating at apartments near North Gayton and West Broad Street, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers.

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