Chesterfield men lose thousands of dollars in real estate scheme

Men lost over $10,000 in real estate scam

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Chesterfield Police are searching for a man who they say duped two other men out of thousands of dollars for a business venture.

Bryan Palmore, of Chesterfield, says he was approached last March by a man claiming to be a business owner who presented him with a real estate opportunity.

“He was like ‘Hey, I can help you out with this. It’s kind of what I do. Meet with me, let’s sign a contract saying we’re partners, put together a bank account for the company,’” Palmore said.

Palmore claims the man went by the name Keith Walker and even had the correct paperwork for these companies to back up his story, adding that the names of the companies were “100% real” and "had CEO’s that you can look up.”

Palmore said Walker convinced him and his business partner to give them sensitive information, like Social Security numbers and $10,000 to invest, and the requests didn’t stop there.

“He would call us up, maybe once a week. ‘Hey, I need $2,000 in cash,’ or ‘Hey, I need $1,500 in cash,' which we ended up giving to him," Palmore said. "He ended up getting a lot of our card information and charging our cards that way.”

The biggest red flag is when Palmore and his partner were notified that the suspect tried to sell property that they didn't own.

Chesterfield Police confirm that they are looking for the man, adding that the “investigation is still ongoing, we haven’t specially identified a suspect in that case, but it’s an active investigation at this time.”

In the meantime, Palmore says he's being more careful, but he still has his worries.

“Everything is fixable with time, but my biggest concern is that he goes after an elderly person and truly does mess up someone’s life," he said.

Palmore is working with a lawyer to bring the man to court, while Chesterfield Police are asking for anyone with information on the man to contact them.

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