Richmond police investigate after man on Bolt Scooter hits woman’s SUV

Updated: Jul. 30, 2019 at 10:54 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Richmond police are investigating after a woman says a man on a Bolt Scooter hit her vehicle and then took off.

“They need to be aware of the liabilities for them,” Bernita Randolph said.

Randolph is warning other drivers of what could happen with the new Bolt Scooters.

“I had saw the guys coming when I first looked this way. I saw them coming but I didn’t expect anyone to hit me,” Randolph said.

Bernita was leaving her job on East Cary Street Monday when she says she was hit by a man on a scooter.

“I was terrified. I was like, did I just hit someone? Did someone hit me? I didn’t know what to think,” Randolph said.

No one was injured but once the shock wore off, confusion set in.

“Is this an accident? It’s not a car wreck. It’s not a vehicle and I don’t know how to report this to the insurance,” Randolph said.

Bernita called the police but she says it took them awhile to respond.

“At the 15 minute mark the guy asked if the police were coming and 'if not, I want to leave.’ I’m like, ‘leave? where are you going?’” Randolph said.

With no way of stopping the man, the guy scooted off but not before Randolph was able to get his name and number.

What he left behind, was the damage.

“I meant to cause pretty much a body dent of damage,” Randolph said.

Bernita just got the SUV last year and already it’s damaged.

“My insurance company told me they didn’t know what to do with the scooters because they are a completely new concept,” Randolph said.

So what happens next, and who is responsible?

“They are looking at the scooter as a bike and it will be handled as if you are a bike rider hitting someone property,” Randolph said.

Scooters are relatively new and many insurance companies say they are still figuring out policies.

Investigators read through the terms and conditions from the Bolt Company, and it states the driver of the scooter assumes complete responsibility for any damages caused while riding.

“I have to ride in this, I need this taken care (of) sooner,” Randolph said.

Bernita is urging everyone on the road and who rents the scooters to read the fine print.

Bolt has their policies listed on its website, the City of Richmond also has policies on its website.

Richmond police and the Bolt Company say they are looking into the incident.

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