Ways to save on a summer vacation

Ways to save on a summer vacation

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - It is very easy to spend lots of money on vacations and excursions in the summer months.

And if you don't have a plan behind that you'll end up going to credit cards to cover things.

Even worse, some spend too much on vacation and then don’t have enough money leftover for basic needs in the month of August.

You must budget your vacations and look for great deals or Groupons for activities you may want to do on that trip.

If you have lots of summer parties, think of turning it into a potluck so you aren’t burdened with all the costs.

Cherry Dale with the Virginia Credit Union helped us put this list together. She says if you have lots of gifts to give this summer - try to come up with a present other than money.

“You might think about instead of giving cash or monetary items to give personal items to passed down maybe heirlooms ore something meaningful within in the family if there’s a graduation or someone getting married,” said Dale.

Stay-cations are also cost effective, yet fun.

You could plan a camping trip or just spend the day at one of our local amusement parks. Or maybe hold off on a popular summer destination and plan a winter time trip there instead, when costs are down.

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