2 men riding dirt bikes no longer facing attempted capital murder charge

2 men riding dirt bikes charged with attempted murder of police officers

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Two men arrested after nearly hitting police officers who tried pulling them over are no longer facing attempted capital murder.

Richmond police were called for the report of vehicles driving recklessly, including dirt bikes and four-wheel off-road vehicles.

Around 10 p.m. on Friday, July 22, officers tried stopping two dirt bikes near the Mayo Bridge. Police said the drivers sped past them and nearly hit the officers. Two riders were arrested at the scene.

Wesley O. Cary, 20, of North Chesterfield, is charged with assault on law enforcement and eluding law enforcement. Di’Jon A. Jones, 20, of Highland Springs, charged with assault on law enforcement and eluding law enforcement. The two were originally charged with attempted capital murder but the two no longer face the charges.

Cary has a jury trial set for July 1.

Police said Jones was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after crashing his dirt bike. Jones’ booking photo has not been made available.

After three nights, relatives of Jones say they haven’t’ been able to talk with him. In fact, they never knew he was accused of a crime until they became concerned when he didn’t come home.

"We just need to know if he’s OK,” John Jones said.

When John Jones went to report his son missing, he says a representative with RPD told him his son isn’t missing, he’s in police custody.

"That’s not even in his character. That’s not even him….His bike is bigger than him. He’s not violent,” Jones and relatives said.

"If you’re in a police car, you can barricade a bicycle. He ain’t Evel Knievel. He ain’t jumping over the police car if you got him boxed in unless you came out physically and tried to take him off the bike. Now the bike has hit you or something like that. In my mind, that’s what I’m thinking,” John Jones said.

Police have not confirmed that speculation nor elaborated on the exact circumstances surrounding the moment they made contact.

Jones’ cousin says her friend spoke with the other suspect.

"Her boyfriend, which is the other dude that was charged, she said she talked to him and that they were tackled off their bikes,” Takayala Warrick said.

That’s another speculation police have not addressed, but police do say Jones had to go to the hospital because they say he got hurt when he crashed his bike. When John Jones went to the hospital to see his son, he says he was told he can’t because he is technically in police custody.

"We’re trying to figure out his well-being,” Jones said.

And they’re trying to make sense of the alleged crime.

“I need to see the body cam video…That would let us know what actually happened and that should’ve been released. If it’s attempted murder on police, if I’m trying to kill police, they’re going to release body camera footage of me trying to kill the police,” the suspect’s father added.

The two are no longer facing capital murder charges.

NBC12 has requested body camera footage and dashcam video of the incident.

“The Department reminds everyone that it is against state law to operate unregistered and/or off-road vehicles on a public roadway. Anyone who observes these vehicles operating on a public roadway or recklessly is asked to call Traffic Unit Sergeant J. Nathanson at (804) 393-3351 or Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000,” police said in a release.

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