Marathon runners train through hot weather ahead of November race

Marathon runners training in hot weather

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Just standing outside this weekend seemed grueling – now imagine having to run in it.

“Yesterday was rough. We started at 6:30 a.m., and the temperatures we already close to 80,” said marathon runner Austin Curry on her marathon training this weekend.

It didn’t get any better on the 13 miles that Curry and the other runners of “Team Sangria” had to endure.

Come November, they've got to put their athleticism to the test at the VCU Health Richmond Marathon.

“The race is 26 miles. It goes through downtown, different neighborhoods,” Pete Woody of Sports Backers said. Sports Backers is a Richmond-based sports organizer.

He said that that there has been a lot of awareness from coaches on the higher toll the heat can take on the teams.

“We’re going to have extra hydration stops along the course. We’re going to have extra support crews along the course. We’ll take longer breaks if we need to," Woody said.

Curry says most of her past races have taken place in the fall or winter seasons, saying the preparations for this upcoming race are “definitely different.”

She says that while running in this weather is key, the mental aspect also plays a role in getting through it.

“You have to lower you expectation for your runs, because you’re not going to hit those same paces that you typically would.”

Curry also says that getting through these hot weekends will pay off long after the heat passes.

“If you slow down your pace now, once fall hits, once those cool crisp temperatures come, you really reap the benefits of training in this weather.”

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