Time in water, out of sun keeps campers safe from heat

Time in water, out of sun keeps campers safe from heat

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Many outdoor summer camps are taking extra precautions to keep your kids safe during this heat wave.

Camp Thunderbird in Chesterfield is home to 3,000 campers, and with the scorching heat wave hovering over central Virginia this week, they’re taking extra precautions for kids to stay safe.

“We are an outdoor day camp, so were outside most of the day traditionally,” Camp Thunderbird team director Claire Smith said. “Weeks like this where the heat index is really high, we have water stations all throughout camp.”

The camp says the key to beating the heat is simple - drink plenty of water and give the campers extra time doing something most kids love.

“We have an intercom system throughout camp that we get on that we say ‘hey, remember to drink your water,’” Smith said. “Were also increasing our water activity time, so lake time, pool time and whatever we can to make it extra fun.”

While taking a dip in the pool can be refreshing, the camp says it still has to limit the campers’ time in direct sunlight so normal outdoor activities are being moved inside.

“We monitor the air qualities, so 10 to 12 a.m. is normally, or earlier, that time we will be outside and will focus on indoor activities after (noon),” Smith said.

Along with that, the camp says communication between staff and parents is essential.

“We really remind parents to make sure their kids come hydrated and with a bottle that they can fill throughout the day,” Smith said.

The staff also has trained EMT professionals making rounds throughout the camp checking on campers.

"Our No. 1 priority at day camp is safety. "

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