Water back on after main break causes outage in Henrico

Water back on after main break in Henrico

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Water is back on after a main break in Henrico.

The break was reported Wednesday afternoon in the 2750 block of Hungary Spring Road.

“I went to the sink in the kitchen and turned it on and there was no water,” Karen Wynne said.

Wynne lives in the Williamsburg Park Apartments, she’s just one of the 200 apartments, nine homes and eighteen businesses left without water.

“We had no notification. The only way we noticed is when a customer used the restroom and no water was accessible in the restrooms or the working area to shampoo our clients,” Hairstylist Ericka Venable said.

There has been word on what caused the problem. Residents in the area say crews have been doing construction on the road for weeks.

The lack of water left Venable and others at EnVogue salons in a dry, tough position.

“Water is a main necessity in a hair salon dealing with chemicals and cleaning scalps,” Venable said.

That’s especially true across the street at another business, Haba Salon.

“My stylist was doing my hair and had chemicals in my hair. She went to go rinse my hair and nothing came out,” Sabrina Watson said.

Watson says after the water went out, no one gave business owners any information.

“I find it very disheartening for the community and for the business owners in the area for what they did not do. Communication is key,” Watson said.

It wasn’t just salons but restaurants lost money and had to shut their doors as well.

“We haven’t been able to serve half the food we would usually use because they use water,” server Brooklynn Barnes said.

Barnes works at Noorani Kabob House and the business had to close early.

Henrico officials handed out water to those in the area.

“They are going to ensure it is fixed today or tonight. They aren’t going to leave it,” Wynne said.

A business owner said the water was back on around 9:30 p.m.

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