Dominion Energy ready for increased energy use during heat wave

Dominion ready for influx of energy use

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Dominion Energy is ready for the hot weather and any strain it could put on their grid.

Director of regional operations, David Vanderblumen says Dominion will be closely monitoring data that comes into its operations center to make sure no power grids get overloaded.

“We will staff more tonight. Not because we expect equipment to fail, but it does fail, just like everything else that will reach its end of life," Vanderblumen said. “When it fails, it’s important to us, because we realize the inconvenience it is to the customer. When it’s 110 degrees, it makes a big difference.”

But there are other ways to help keep your place cool that you may or may have not have thought about, according to air conditioning experts.

“One of the biggest things we talk about all the time is keeping an eye on your air filter," James River Air president Hugh Joyce said. “If it’s clean, it’s a very good thing. If it’s dirty, it’s a very bad thing.”

Usually, people will resort to dropping the thermostat to a low, cool number, but that may result in a overworked system.

“Putting the thermostat to a lower setting doesn’t make it run any harder or faster," Joyce said. “If you’re trying to get to 72, and its 74, and you set it to 50, all that’s going to do is cause a problem as soon as it cools down. You’re going to get way too cool and probably freeze the machine."

If you happen to experience any power outages, you can report them to Dominion Energy at 866-DOM-HELP.

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