Petersburg non-profit helps residents beat heatwave

Petersburg non-profit helps residents beat heat wave

PETERSBURG, Va. (WWBT) - In Petersburg ahead of this week’s approaching heatwave, community group Young Entrepreneur Association worked to make sure neighbors stay cool by giving away 24 free fans!

Takisha Ogunyemi is kind of like a super hero, she’s the founder of the association.

“She’s doing her thing amen,” said a community member who received a fan.

She’s a full time mom, teacher, and she’s on a mission to bring comfort to the citizens of Petersbug during this dangerous heat.

“I feel happy that Petersburg is doing something to help out the people,” said Candis.

“I was on Facebook and I saw that we was going into a heatwave for the next couple of days, so I figured it be a great time to give away the fans I had,” said organizer, Takisha Ogunyemi.

“Its about to be real hot outside, people have large light bills in the city, and some people have homes that are not insulated well,” said Candis.

Takisha’s non-profit, Young Entrepreneur Association, has a corporate partnership with Walmart in Colonial Heights that enables her to provide the fans.

“The last few truck loads of donations we’ve been getting had a lot of fans so I thought this would’ve been a perfect time to give them out to the community,” said Ogunyemi.

Word of the free fans would traveled fast as Takisha would run of free fans on her first go around of the day.

“I was not expecting so many people, I was overwhelmed,” said Ogunyemi. “I knew I had to go to the storage unit to get more.”

And just like any super hero, Takisha would return with more fans exhausting all of her resources until she ran out of fans completely.

“Just a little bit of delay but they did good,” said Candis

“I was going to purchase one but now I don’t have to, and I didn’t have the money anyways so this is blessing, thank God,” said Diann Pegram..

Takisha says she was glad she was able to help the community and that her mother instead her giving spirit at such a young age.

“She helped get that part of me developed as a child and it just kind of blossomed as I got older," said Ogunyemi.

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