DMV extends weekend hours to accommodate drivers reinstating licenses

DMV extends hours for extra customers

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The DMV isn’t usually the ideal place to spend your Saturday – but for some, it’s opening new doors.

Lashanwda Worrell had her license taken away four years ago for unpaid court fees. In that time, she has had to rely on public transport or ride-sharing.

“It costs like $20 a week to go back and forth to work,” she said, also mentioning day trips with her child. "That would be hectic: taking him back and forth either to the park or my parent’s house.”

She was one of the many people who are getting their licenses reinstated, after a new law went into effect this month.

Under the new law, courts can no longer suspend people's licenses for unpaid fines.

“The lady just told me I don’t have to take my test or anything like that. I just pay my reinstatement fee, and I can get my license back, which I’m so excited for," Worrell said.

DMV hours have been extended by two hours for the past two weekends for the influx of people coming in.

A DMV representative said that the Richmond, Henrico, Petersburg and Chesterfield offices were within the top 10 busiest state offices.

Worrell says that now her license could put her life in a “u-turn.”

“It’s going to be better. I can get better jobs, I can travel, I can do a lot now that I have my license,” she said.

Licenses suspended for multiple reasons that include unpaid court costs will not be reinstated until the other conditions are met, and payment of any unpaid court costs will still be required.

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